Arctic Char Steaks. Wild Caught by the Inuit Fishermen of Rankin Inlet from the pristine lakes of Nunavut.  A true taste of the Canadian North.


Packages of 2 steaks, these are the perfect barbeque dinner for 2.


Pricing is $20/lb. Sizes are 6oz.

Small Steaks

  • Our Arctic Char Steaks are all wild caught by the Inuit fishermen of Rankin Inlet, just off the coast of Nunavut. 


    All fillets are flash frozen during the winter harvest and within six hours during the summer harvest and remain frozen until purchase. To defrost; place the fillets in the refrigerator overnight and consume within 3 days. 


    Our Arctic Char Steaks are best baked, grilled, or in the pan. Check out our recipes page for more ideas!

  • If you are unsatisfied with any of our products, please contact us and we will issue a replacement or a refund.